Telecommunications provider

Complexity: simple
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Telecommunications provider

Computers have to be sold somewhere - even Minecraft.
Computer in description.

The picture shows a telecommunications provider.
Colour-coordinated with the Telekom, the idea is ideally suited for building something completely different into the world.

The interior design is kept rather simple in this case.
A small table with 2 notebooks/laptops and a table with chairs for a sales meeting.

The notebook is a frame that is placed on the wall and a printing plate that lies in front of it.
The one-button operation provides an intuitive experience.
In this case, the frame contains a blue-colored glass pane named in the anvil (costs 1 level).
The whole thing is based on Windows 8.

Alternatively, a Mac Book is also on offer.

Unfortunately, the operating system has not been updated for a long time, but updates are free.


Here's a picture from close up:

Netherbrick steps for the roof as well as black, white and magenta coloured clay served as building material.

The shop could also be combined well with the Opening hours-Idea by xxluke.


  1. Cool idea with the laptops and the operating systems. Will be likt.
    As an Apple owner, I'm sure the apple laptop will find a home somewhere in my world, except I don't have OSX10.9 anymore. With me it will probably be more Yosemite instead of Mavericks 😉