Converting a temporary red tone signal into a permanent one

Complexity: simple
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Converting a temporary red tone signal into a permanent one

A converter for temporary signals (like buttons or pressure plates) to permanent signals (e.g. from levers or redstone flares), optionally with reset.

One may know this. One wants that after pressing a button, trip wire, a pressure plate or other redstone transmitter, which sends only a certain time, that e.g. a lamp remains on longer than the time, which these transmitters are also activated. Or even when rebuilding a working computer, it is important that you can also save an input, or delay it for a short time. But there is no component in Vanilla-Minecraft that makes it possible to convert these temporary (=temporal) signals into a continuous, permanent signal. For this I have a relatively simple solution (simple in the sense of small, if you don't understand it, just copy it from the picture).


Explanation without reset (left)By stepping on the pressure plate (optionally a button, trip wire, etc. can be used) a redstone signal is emitted for a certain time. This first hits the amplifier in front of the piston (alternatively redstone cable, redstone lamp, etc. can be used) and causes it to extend (amplifier is at 0). The amplifier to the right of it (is at >0) emits a signal across the former shortly afterwards. This becomes a "bedrock amplifier" and retains its properties (so it continues to output a signal, even without an input signal). Thus the piston remains extended. But the second amplifier would immediately go out, reverting the first to a normal amplifier. So amplifier 3 comes into play (also set to 0), taking the original platen signal, outputting it again, taking the output redstone signal again, and so on, giving a redstone signal to amplifier 2 all the time.

Explanation with reset (right)If you want to reset the machine without destroying any blocks, you don't need much. If you press the reset button, a red tone signal is emitted, which is amplified to 15 by the amplifier. The following comparator compares the input signal from the circuit of amplifier 3 with the 15 signal, and since the latter is clearly stronger, the signal from amplifier 3 is blocked, the circuit breaks down, amplifier 2 no longer sends a signal, amplifier 1 returns to normal and also emits no signal, and the permanent redstone signal stops again.


  1. @Rico: Yes, so it also goes. Was a bit stupid of me to upload the version, because I need the for myself grad and in the general case yours is the shortest. So is nothing funny about it 😉

  2. What's going on here? 😀 8 Likes? I thought this would get maybe one or two, after the first review was a thumbs down I thought the idea would totally stink, but now 8 likes already? Just awesome here on the site 🙂

  3. Your idea is nice just from the idea. But as @thebigsmileXD has already mentioned, you can solve the problem easier... nevertheless there is a Like from my side 😉