The useless machine

Complexity: simple
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The useless machine

This machine is totally useless, but funny. When the lever is pressed, the piston retracts and the lever falls off. That's all there is to it.

It's absolutely useless, has no point at all but still makes people have fun on servers all the time.
Alternatively, of course, a stone or wooden button can be used.


The Redstone flare leaves the sticky plunger extended.
Now the stone block, where the lever comes, is connected to the Redstone torch.
If you now press the lever, the Restone flare will go out and the sticky piston will pull in the stone, causing the lever to fall off.

After pressing the lever.
Cross-section so you can see the redstone.


  1. haha is funny so you can fool the players on servers 😀 just do that with several switches udn a switch system =D

    here my variant =D which is also useful =D it just happens nothing =D

  2. Great idea! I'll build that too! Imagine, in multiplayer one comes. "Attention pointless. "There must be something secret behind this. I'll try it out!" and the lever falls off!