Toxic gases

Complexity: simple
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Toxic gases

Toxic gases rising from the earth.

For example, you can put it in some polluted area.


This is what the cross section looks like. For the floor , under the fire, you must necessarily use Netherstein, otherwise it goes out. And for the floor (where you then later go on it) you should use NO Use wood, otherwise the whole floor will soon burn.


  1. Very good, because in Survival usable... Toxic, however, not.
    I have recently seen a cool adventure map with real poisonous gases in the volcano... You got damage and was just poisoned afterwards.

  2. @KmunHD and @Megamind - Man must be don't use a hellstone. You can also simply before one the fire sets the order /gamerule doFireTick false carry out. Then the fire does not burn down and ma can use wood, because then the fire does not spread 😀


    P.S.: No denglish, no neth either... no English variant of Höllenstein.

  3. @VIPig - You don't need a commandoblocksif you will. One can in an Command block also simply a /testfor and then delay the signal (redstone amplifier) to a caster with poison potions that can be used.