Complexity: simple
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A small trampoline where you are flung up at the push of a button.

This trampoline is made of slime blocks with a sticky plunger in the middle that is extended by the button. This is what it looks like without slime blocks:

As you can see in the picture, there are sea lanterns in the bottom. These are there only for lighting and can also be replaced by Glowstone.

This is what the redstone pipeline looks like:

I covered the trampoline with stone steps so that you can't look under the trampoline and so that you can also walk on the trampoline.


  1. @Benni

    but it does work if you pay attention to a few details.

    1. there is a block of air between the lantern/glowstone and the slime. The flask thus comes one level above the illumination and directly below the slime level.

    2. there must not be a block around the nine slime blocks. The exception are the three steps Timmi put in front of them, because with one slime block a maximum of 12 blocks can be moved (including itself); otherwise the whole construct hangs, as you noticed. See also the wiki:

    2.a When the piston is extended, there must be nothing around the level on which the slime blocks are then located, otherwise the slime blocks will remain hanging on top when the piston is moved down.

  2. Very great idea!
    Edit: I've tried it now, klapp super, mann must only all blocks that could touch the slime blocks (even in the extended state) dismantle. Needs fortunately little Redstone and is therefore without the lighting also Survival-suitable. Also good for people like me who can't even manage a double door as long as you have to wire something.

  3. I did, xxluke deleted it though (Supposedly too similar to yours).
    Mine is the smallest possible, consisting only of an immovable block (melon, gourd, obsidian, jack-o'-lantern, furnace, etc.), a pressure plate, a sticky plunger, a slime block, and a redstone dust:
    (image follows)