Complexity: simple
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A trampoline that really works.

When you step on the trampoline, you get jump boost and resistance (=to parry the fall damage) for a short time. This allows you to use the field as a trampoline.
If you jump on the white dot in the middle, you get a bigger jump boost, so you jump higher - just like on a real trampoline.


The first thing you do is build up the jump field, making sure that there is a different colored block in the middle.
Next, build one-block walls on 2 opposite sides and attach hooks to them. Now cover the entire trampoline surface with a thread net (this also serves as decoration: threads = trampoline springs) so that the hooks latch on.
Redstone is placed on one of the walls, leading to 2 command blocks.
In the first command block, write:

effect @p 8 1 10

...and in the second..:

effect @p 11 5 4

The first one provides the jump enhancement, the second one the resistance.

This means that the trampoline is already usable, but the special centre is still missing.
The following construction is located under the said differently coloured central block:

In front of the command block directly under the center point is the <a href="http://www.">Clock can be switched on and off</a> which bepowers said command block again and again in quick succession. In the command block you write:

testfor @p[r=2]

Next to the command block is a comparator (it is in the normal state, that is, as you set it) that points to the other two command blocks.
In one of them you write:

effect @p 8 1 15

And in the others:

effect @p 11 5 4

With this everything is finished and ready to work. By the way, the construction with the threads and hooks could also be replaced with commanndoblocks, but I left it that way for desingntechnical reasons.

And now have fun hopping around! (Questions etc. in the comments or via PN)


  1. The downside for me with the clocks is that they cause lag quickly. So if you know the problem you could put a line to a lever up at the clock instead of the flare, so you can just turn it off.

  2. Yes, that would be better, it just didn't occur to me since I put together a new computer a few months ago - no laggs - I don't notice it.
    So just slap another wire on it with a lever, and you can turn it on and off from somewhere else. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Do the threads have a technical purpose as well?
    And if it is, I think the Redstone series can be placed under the wool blocks as well.
    And can't you just amplify the effect? (Multiply?)

  4. 1. yes, without them you wouldn't get a jump boost when you bounce on the trampoline.
    2. may be, only I have not done that there, so that you can see that better and to hide the redstone is yes everyone himself in the position.
    Three. What do you mean?

  5. Yes, you just have to provide the point in the middle with the extra command blocks and the extra clock with a higher jump amplification.

  6. With the 1.8, if it works, you need Slime Cubes instead of the wool under the wires. They make you jump even higher, and therefore you jump in an endless loop higher and higher.