Underground garden

Complexity: simple
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Underground garden

A garden for an underground base.

Me and a buddy wanted to build an underground base and wanted to build a garden like construction. It's very easy to build you cover a room maybe if you want a place where the creek should be add some trees and glowstone so it's not too dark over and there you have it I generally finds very nice *own praise stinks*.


  1. It went so already so half an hour if you do not really know how to implement it for example we still have the stone behind the leaves replaced by leaves what has also stolen a bit of time but looks quite good and I think with shaders it will look really good 😀

  2. Looks very good. ^^
    The only thing I would change about it would be the walls. I would also make it sprout trees, so that not everything looks smooth. ^^
    Still, your implementation looks very good and that's why you get a Like. ^^