US submarine - with hangar

Complexity: simple
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US submarine - with hangar

You want to survive a small war and win? then this submarine is just the thing for you!
You won't find a better armored submarine!

A small submarine from the outside but also small from the inside that is very well armored.
I have this submarine in survival built without fly without everything everything erfarmt also took longer time.
With small details even that most do not see 2 torpedo shells are present!


From top:
from behind: (where the mushrooms come from please don't ask me)
Inside entrance:
SChlafzimmer of the remaining soldiers who take turns again and again:
SChafzimmer of the officer:
-- (the one picture is very dark sry for it there is only n bed)
Here you can see all the computers that are needed: (with even workers)
That on which the chicken stands is for the oxygen content that enough oxygen is filtered 3 pieces are present on the submarine! -
Here the lower part of the submarine:
 One room further is the ammunition room for reloading torpedoes or other firearms!
here are 2 engines that are in permanent use!
Last but not least, the best thing to remember on a long trip is to stock up on food!

I hope you like this troublesome submarine a real one is also mostly without showers and auhc very tight!
Thanks for watching and leave a GREAT review!

                                                     With Texturenpack it looks like this:


  1. DISLIKE because it's not safe against attacks from chickens, since apparently one made it inside....
    Kidding 😀 Of course I like it a lot, as it was also built with a lot of attention to detail (and chickens)!

  2. if you want I make another "building idea" of the hangar you see there a ladder with such a small footbridge there behind is a 2×2 corridor and in it is a warehouse a small with shelves etc

  3. Why are there heads of people in the submarine? and why do mushrooms grow on the submarine? xD
    Well, you did a very detailed job, so >>Like<<.