Village Road

Complexity: simple
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Village Road

An idyllic street which looks perfect especially at night.

An idyllic street that you can use as a road in a village. The screenshot was made at night because the road looks better
because of the lighting!


Rebuild the actual road first.
After that you can build the lanterns on the edge.
Then you can add the plants of your choice
add. Build the trees so they look better
instead of letting it grow as a sepling.
Then add a few more plants.

And voilà:




  1. @hyänchen: Yes, the sea lanterns provide bluish lighting. Glowstone would make the whole thing look "warmer". It's nicely built, though. Except for the somewhat cheap material (wool), it turned out well. Only the sidewalk is missing. This road is rather a good idea for horses. But this is really cool, even if I would have taken clay in your place, which is also easier to get in survival, dye anyway.

  2. I think as ne village street it does not look exactly. Believe me, I live in the village and with us is always only one side illuminated. But otherwise actually quite nice.

  3. Jaa that's true only on one side @moenchii But for the sake of sychronity on both sides 😉
    Otherwise Top except that the lanterns are too close to each other in my opinion