Villagers with names

Complexity: simple
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Villagers with names

A villager by name.

The "idea" comes from a buddy who is not registered on the site. You rename a spawner egg on the anvil, e.g. to "Arno Schulte" or to "Birgit Hauser". If you spawn a villager with it, then the "name" is displayed above him all the time.

I am a gamer who likes to decorate and prefer to build small things. I currently play on the Java edition and the Bedrock Windows10 edition.


  1. [url=http://][/url]
    @Chaos Builder I didn't know. Also, there are things on this site that are well rated s[url=http://][/url]ind and that REALLY everyone knows. E.g. "Hedge"
    I'll give you a like

  2. @Chaos Builder I have no idea how many times you've seen me play minecraft, but I don't think that's ever been the case. So I'd stop jumping to conclusions if I were you. Besides, minecraft isn't about knowing how to rename a villager, is it?

  3. Then a lot of people already know it but still there are quite banal ideas here and I'd rather someone uploads the idea here than more boring medieval houses and mansions!!!:dizzy:
    And as far as I know, it's not as easy to rename villagers as it is to rename animals.

  4. I think nametags can only be used to rename children.
    But the idea is known. For someone who has perhaps just started with Minecraft certainly good to know how it goes.

  5. I put it in because not everyone knows; certainly not those who are having their first experience with MC (beginners, etc).

  6. I hate these people who upload useless ideas just to get likes.
    This is simply one of the most unnecessary ideas "ever".
    One, why rename Villager? You kill them before most of the time.
    2. you can do that with any mob
    Three. Everybody feels like they know
    4. spawn eggs do not exist in Survival
    5. name tags can also be used, and these also exist in Survival (Dungeons)
    This deserves a fat -1, but since Bold can't be used here there's just this from me: