Fully automatic cactus farm

Complexity: simple
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Fully automatic cactus farm

This fully automatic cactus farm works highly efficient, is enormously cheap, simple and completely without redstone to build. As soon as a cactus grows, the block drops due to the neighboring blocks occupied by the shields, falls into the water stream and can be collected through a funnel.

The farm is arbitrarily expandable and can therefore be individually adapted to your cacti or green dye needs!
The size I have pictured is perfectly adequate for my survival world.

Integration of the farm into my survival world (approx. from minute 1:30):


The screenshot should be self-explanatory.
The sand block on which the cacti grow must be supported by another block, here I used sandstone steps. For lighting I decided to use Glowstone, to which I attached signs. The shields then cause the growing cacti to drop, allowing them to be harvested highly efficiently and cheaply.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask them, I'll be happy to answer them in comments and then add to this tutorial here accordingly!
Minecraft medieval survival gameplay combining functionality, looks, style and context! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dnupwo_-Lpe47d2TdXObJeAsnPNZjRh


  1. Thanks for your comments 🙂

    @Blank: Okay, I wasn't aware of that, of course it's called "building ideas" but I assumed that architects also need the necessary raw materials for their buildings... 😉
    But well, if that's the general tenor here, I'll offer architectural ideas next time then 😉 .
    But thanks for your like 🙂 and yes, with pistons I guess most do, so I thought this little idea here might not be uninteresting....

  2. @Blank Just because a lot of buildings are posted, doesn't mean it's all about cities here. I'm always happy to see something "practical" between about 200 mansions!

    From me the idea gets a Like! ^^

  3. @Blank but please do not spread such nonsense. If the idea is good, it will also be accepted. I have so far almost exclusively small decorative ideas or even submitted a farm and everything was positively evaluated.

  4. @ Racoon: Thanks, glad you agree that something "practical" in between can't hurt either! 🙂 At least when it's a variation that maybe not everyone has seen a hundred times before....

    @Snowflame: Haha, oh dear, yeah I was a bit shocked too how "sad" it looked in the default 😀 So no need to apologize, am reassured you think it looks better with my texture pack.... (But even there it's just kind of a poor cacti builder's basement vault, so no spectacle 😉 )

  5. Huh? The farm is already 100 years old 😀 Have it really not before on the page? Crap - I could have posted then also times mine... 😉

  6. Have me times allowed to upload an alternative for a cactus farm that looks good in the village and also causes little cost 😉
    If you like it there's soon many new blueprints for machines etc 😉

  7. @Chaosraider
    The water transports the cacti to a single hopper, in my alternative I have described exactly everything, unfortunately the team here does not manage to unlock anything even after 10 days....