Wooden bridge

Complexity: simple
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Wooden bridge

A wooden bridge that is easy to build and looks particularly beautiful.

Actually, the bridge is quite banal and quick to build (depends on how long you want it)
You can different timbers I have spruce, because it looks pretty cool in the texture pack DragonDance - or build the bridge with stone. To make it look realistic, there are also fences under the bridge as "brackets", but you don't have to copy them.

This is how it looks to me


First you build a path of any length, which is 6 stones wide (and goes over a gorge, lake, etc.) On the bottom you build another 2 stones wide path in the middle (looks more realistic)
For the arches you build a 3 stone high column in an even distance (with me always 7 stones gap in between), then you build 4 stones stair-like on it and only connect them.

You can also decorate the bridge with buttons, more fences and torches. You can change the stone details depending on how big you want the bridge to be.


  1. Hi really cool part I had to rebuild it right away (but I had no gorge xD why I had done that with TNT) I found it really cool and have made a few military cars and a few other transporters on it. I have the bridge also not made with wood but with green and black wool (in camouflage design) and instead of fences grid taken PS:RECHT GEILE IDEE ;P