Wooden villa

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Wooden villa

A beautiful wooden villa.

I have decided here for a mixture of oak and spruce. The size, blocks, furnishings can of course be varied.


  1. Thank you 🙂 I do not know what I could still make pictures. You can actually see how she looks and I have not set up ^^ If you want to see something specific I can but still make pictures

  2. That's right of course there are better villas but it does not look so bad now and especially he has certainly invested a lot of effort for the villa so I think that must be rewarded especially to come times to mix two different wood species
    from me there is a big LIKE

  3. Hey I find your villa really great. Sure there are more elaborate villas but they are usually always white and I do not like these modern things so but this one made of wood is just exactly my taste. It would be nice if you would really 2-3 pictures of the back and the balcony purely put so that one can count better the blocks. Would like to rebuild them but since I'm just missing so a few details^^

  4. Like!
    Something different than the modern houses! Only the windows in the corners I would leave out, replace the glass blocks with glass panes. ( Is in survival mode also significantly cheaper. )

  5. Very nice villa from the side I would still put a photo in it anyway you know how many blocks you need especially where the slices are also clearly visible. Whoever thinks he could do better keep it to yourself and show us what you get so on the row.