Wool processing - Laundry

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Wool processing - Laundry

The idea of the washing station can be used very well as a supplement to the dyeing plant or a wool farm.

In the context of wool processing, the freshly shorn wool must of course first of all be washed.
This is done here by fresh water inlet, a washing trough and a washing stone / kneading wheel, which works through the wool and thus frees it from dirt and grease. The wool is then caught by a collection sieve and can be placed on the back of the shelf to dry.
Thus, the washing station is a decorative addition to any sheep farm, dye house or similar fabric processing facility:


The washing trough itself is built from wooden steps, also the fresh water inlet can be built from it (optimally in connection with natural flowing water, likewise for the drain..). Otherwise, rather decorative elements were used such as wooden knobs, trap door as catchment strainer, fences as shelf supports, sticks in picture frames on the wall as "tools" and stone steps to represent the washing wheel/kneading wheel.
Mossy stone variations also do well, as they fit nicely into the humid environment of such a station.
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  1. Great video! You really pay attention to the details 🙂 

    And the idea is also really beautifully designed. 

    With the fences I have unfortunately also no idea that they do not mix. 
    Looking forward to the next idea from you.

  2. @FinnErikHope : glad you like the idea!!!
    @AzTaiiMC : Oh thank you, I'm so glad to hear that!
    @Spreidla : Thank you so much, yes, I always try to pay as much attention to details as possible 😉 .
    Glad you like the washing trough idea! And yes, I will probably present more ideas from my survival world here... 🙂