functioning laser door

Complexity: simple
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functioning laser door

A fairly simple laser door that works well in laboratories and other secure buildings.

This is what it looks like open:


The door consists of two parts: The lock and the light that changes.

The castle:
For that one uses fence gates, which have closed a hitbox, which is 1.5 blocks high and goes through carpet. Since the door gap is only 2 blocks high and is reduced by the ZAuntore under the carpet to 1.5, one comes no more through. Here is the redstone technique behind it:
I use the slime blocks as they let the beam through once and also also direct the REdstone from the repeaters into the fence gates.

The light change:
The picture shows the basic mechanics behind it: When the piston is retracted you have one light, and the other way around.
But you have to build the pistons in the actual door at a different height, otherwise the slime blocks will connect with the other stuff:
In the picture a piston is missing in the middle, but it shows well how to connect the pistons in a height-shifted way in the easiest way.

Now you only need to connect the lock mim light change and you have a laser gate =D
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. @Chaosraider

    Then he writes just above the link to the video purely and is good.
    I didn't know this before and think it's great that it's here now, whether its his own idea or not.

  2. @Chaosraider you can find almost everything already on yt if you search for it, so that doesn't count as an argunment...and I would really add it if I had it knowingly from yt.

  3. @Mis7erSeven if you gamble long enough or play online and use plugins there, isses au net more so hard...
    And it is in principle feasible in survival mode...

  4. @chaosraider @expert_no1
    Why do you act like this only because you have already seen this idea on Youtube? Minecraft is since it exists a mega hit and if you do not have today the mega idea or a the mega project into action, it will most likely not succeed to make something that does not yet exist, otherwise you would probably not have to grumble here so rum. Besides, nothing speaks against the rules here ideas to post which there is already, otherwise one could delete most again, this mentioned @Karl31a also already. Many have this idea also certainly not yet seen on Youtube and can use it vllt well.

    @Chaos Builder
    Build but just solid blocks over the top, dan the light of the beacons is held up. Therefore to give a Dislike, I find unfair to Karl31a, the page is still there to post ideas, no block by block tutorials 😉