Functioning printer

Complexity: simple
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Functioning printer

A small working detail for a study.


For optics:
The printer consists of a banner with a quartz stage at the appropriate height, then just dress up the whole thing and you're done :)

The technology behind it:
The line on the left is for the input signal. The upper one is a thrower in which an amplifier is set to 1 tick delay, the one below is a dropper in which the second redstone has to run, for this you have to put a block in front of the end of the redstone, which was removed for the picture.
The box on the left of the main picture is used for paper supply, to get the paper out of it, there is a trolley with a hopper in the block below, which in turn stands on other hoppers, which then lead into the dropper.
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. That has MagmaMusen once presented in a video. Where I do not find it bad if you upload such ideas here, because you can share so of course his idea even better. Would still be nice to at least mention that it is from him 🙂

  2. is that it? i think to mention everyone who came up with the idea would be too much, i got inspired by a puzzle map i saw on youtube for hirebei for example