Beach House

Complexity: simple
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Beach House

Well suited for building on an island or beach.


Picture from the other side of the house:
The stairs:
I am almost 17 years old, am a girl. I like to play Minecraft and also like to read. Instagram: strawbarmy_yuna


  1. And "Brabrax" the glass where the stairs are I only made before rain protection.
    I didn't want to use other blocks instead of the glass because then it would be dark and I could
    then build windows and torches on it.

  2. Could you please explain to me in more detail what this is supposed to represent in the water? A jetty, a helipad, a stable...?

    Otherwise, the idea of a beach house is not bad, but they have probably already had about 95% of all Minecrafters themselves. That's why I'm looking for an interesting design idea here, but that's not really given with this house, since I see only a block and a strange staircase apart from the already mentioned part in the water and that is not at all new or a visual highlight.