Guestbook for inns and restaurants

A simple magic table that is a chic eye-catcher in inns and/or restaurants.

Big abstract house on mountain

A big abstract house on the mountain.


A pillory with the same social effect as in the good old Middle Ages.

A small castle, on a mountainside

A small castle which was built on a mountainside. Is well suited as decoration or for living because it is very fast to build in creative.
In Survival it might take a while, but the material procurement is no problem.

Fully automatic warehouse

Fully automated warehouse (for community servers)

Use Minecraft Heads as decoration

With this trick you can use heads as decorations.

Sleigh with reindeer

Santa's sleigh with reindeer or horses.

Wall of cards

Several cards matching each other, hung in frames.

Aquarium with real fish

+ Real fish | + Versatile design, as there is no water | + Optimized for 1.9 | + Fish swim around wildly

Hotel room

A detailed example of a modern 3-4 star hotel room with bathroom.