Conveyor belt/outlet

Realistic short distance transport of items - allows different uses depending on the design (e.g. assembly line, conveyor belt or drainage channel).


A desk with a laptop/computer, a bookshelf and a small Creeper figurine.


A small campground with 2 tents, a campfire and a pair of logs.

Large playground

A playground with a climbing frame, a swing and two seesaws.

Dining room corner

A small dining area with a pressure plate as a plate and a flower pot as a cup.

Park benches

Three different variations of park benches.
Usable e.g. in parks.

Small playground

A small playground with a climbing castle with a slide and flag.

Overworld Goldfarm Fully/Semi-automatic (AfK-/XP-Mode) | On/Off switchable

This gold farm allows you to fully automate gold production or semi-automatic XP and gold collection in your Minecraft overworld, and can also be fully activated and deactivated!

Simple & Fast Oven

There are already many designs of this kind, but I have found either very simple or very complicated. Here is now a mix.

Redstone Piston Counter + 7 Segment Display

This manual describes how to build a Redstone Piston Counter with a 7 segment display.