Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Football field with stands (mini stadium)

For a small town it is recommended not to build a huge football stadium. But for the district league there has to be a field to beat the neighbouring towns! For this you need a football field and a grandstand; both can be built relatively close to other buildings to save space. Only the noise pollution of the fans could cause problems with the residents...

Stylish Dark Oak Wood Treehouse

An awesome house, nestled in trees, gives a wild jungle living experience, but also a quiet luxury living!Due to the thick treetops, there are no limits to how big the house should be. With lots of glass and height differences, this thing just looks awesome.Period, end of discussion! :D

Thaddeus' House

The house of Spongebob's always bad-tempered neighbor - recreated in Minecraft!

Street+parking lot

The parking lot is 15×10 fields.
  • The road is 5 blocks wide with black wool with white wool in 1s intervals.

Medieval ship with cabins

Ship for overseas travel with room for a total of 108 people. The ship contains a total of six decks and four masts.

Rustic animal stable

This easy to build animal shed can be made from any type of wood. It looks good, yet not too fancy. It would go well with a wooden farmhouse.


this is a cool house from our boss

Fully automatic warehouse

Fully automated warehouse (for community servers)

Modern exceptional villa with pool (furnishings included)

Here I show you my new luxury villa with pool and inclusive furnishings.


[caption id="attachment_13611" align="alignnone" width="300"] Simple library with porticoes and book racks. Ideal for a large city.[/caption]