Medieval building ideas

Medieval building ideas


You can live in this tree very well and there is also enough space under the roots.

Modern Villa - by NitroX

A villa in modern style. Garden, as well as parrot enclosure available.

Fire and emergency call centre

A fire and ambulance centre with an integrated emergency call centre that takes all calls to 112.

Bright decorative candle

Bright decorative candle

Street+parking lot

The parking lot is 15×10 fields.
  • The road is 5 blocks wide with black wool with white wool in 1s intervals.

Medieval ship with cabins

Ship for overseas travel with room for a total of 108 people. The ship contains a total of six decks and four masts.

Modern exceptional villa with pool (furnishings included)

Here I show you my new luxury villa with pool and inclusive furnishings.


[caption id="attachment_13611" align="alignnone" width="300"] Simple library with porticoes and book racks. Ideal for a large city.[/caption]

Station building (Bremen main station)

This station building is strongly based on Bremen's main station and should be able to form the centre of a city.The station is open on both sides so that trains can enter and exit on the 2nd level. The building is a total of 93 blocks wide, 64 blocks deep and 25 blocks high. It is largely made of smooth red sandstone, stone steps and stone bricks.