Ideas with Redstone

Ideas with Redstone

Item sorting machine

A redstone construction that can separate any number of different item types, such as products of a monster trap, inventory content, or different ores.

Redstone house in the mountain

A fully automated house in the mountain.

Modern exceptional villa with pool (furnishings included)

Here I show you my new luxury villa with pool and inclusive furnishings.

Functional aircraft

A working airplane based on slime blocks.

Prolonged redstone signal

With this small construction you can extend the output signal of a button.

Aquarium with real fish

+ Real fish | + Versatile design, as there is no water | + Optimized for 1.9 | + Fish swim around wildly

Hotel room

A detailed example of a modern 3-4 star hotel room with bathroom.

Semi-automatic grain farm

If you pull the lever, the grain is automatically harvested and flushed to a collection point, where you only have to collect it. After that you have to replant the grain.

Simple on/off clock

This is a very simple and fast clock that you can turn on and off.

Secret door

An inconspicuous secret door in the wall that can be opened with pistons.