Ideas with Redstone

Ideas with Redstone


A trampoline that really works.

Functioning cannon

A cannon that shoots fireballs.

Bright decorative candle

Bright decorative candle

Flip-flop switch

This version of the flip-flop switch is very simple and therefore best suited for the beginner.

Temple Run

A jump and run in the style of the app Temple Run. So vines, ruins and time pressure!
Because of the NPC world in MC, instead of monster chasing, a path breaking away motivates.
More ideas for elements are in the description.

Item Position Crate Lock

This circuit only gives a signal if the right items are placed in the right places in the chest.

Fire alarm

A button behind a pane of glass. Pressing the button opens a hatch in the ceiling from which water runs, the Redstone torch flashes and you hear an alarm sound.

Savings Bank

A savings bank

A forest.

It is a forest with some modifcated trees. Everything created without modification. (from the Minecraft Project City)

Zombie Fucking Machine

The zombie tries to get to the villager, but the path changes every time the zombie runs across the pressure plate.