You can splurge on a server with this sedan and even drive it with the Movecraft plugin.

Automatic animal killing machine

This machine helps in killing animals to get the items quickly.


A simple piston gate. If you step on the pressure plate, the gate opens.

Dressing Room

If you press the button and then quickly stand in front of the dispensers, your armor will be put on.

Functioning (large-scale) music system

I once thought: Why not connect a Redstone clock with note blocks?
It's not hard to build and anyone should be able to do it.

Compact house with landscaped lake

This house is very detailed, therefore also difficult to build. The exterior is especially highlighted here by the beautiful lights and plants on the shore. Also suitable in survival mode!

Simple random machine

A very simple random machine, but you always have to reset it manually.

Redstone Fountain

A fountain that can be switched on and off from a control centre.

Hidden door in a column

A hidden door in a pillar.

Monster torture system for 2 block monsters

A room where Mosters can spawn and be pushed to the Piston by the water flow (see description) and suffocate there.