Creeper Shrine

Complexity: simple
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Creeper Shrine

As an alternative to the Creeper Shrine here is a heavily weathered Creeper Skull with 8x8x8 dimensions. Also in comparison to the Creeper Shrine here better outdoors.

Because of the 8x8x8 dimensions the proportions look much better. Besides Cobblestone in all variations and Stonebricks in all variations, I used Andersite (normal and polished).
The interior of the skull is initially a maximum of 4×4, but since I had a larger footprint in some places further down (due to severe weathering), I was even able to build a small mushroom farm inside with fully automated harvesting.

EDIT: Now with video of the finishing touches!


See screenshot / video


  1. I like very much, also built with beautiful attention to detail!

    But please, what's so hard about that, on this side only... an Language to be used German?? The use of English block names I may understand, because there are still people (including me) who have played Minecraft before the full version and have partly memorized the English names, but please renounce this language confusion and "denglish"!

    P.S. find the two (or even three?) buildings on the left in the background interesting! ^^

  2. @Raccoon
    Hello! Well, I do speak German 🙂 And these blocks are called, for example, Mossy Cobblestone. That is their name. Everything else is a German translation. ...which you can use without a doubt! But since I play the game in original language, I don't even know if it's called vermoster Pflasterstein. Sorry!

    Thanks though for the comment about the buildings in the background. There's a fisherman's house, watchtower and white building (or 2 identical white ones). I'll see about getting that posted in a building idea at some point too.