Hotel Ocean

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Hotel Ocean"/>

Hotel Ocean

A huge hotel with water running down from it.


First you build the floor.
Then you build the tower upwards.
After the dome was built,
If you write the scripture.
Now the water is set.
Only build the lobby
and done!


  1. What exactly is so complex about a tower that it needs the creative mode?
    Funny that you have written ocean in "" where hotel would also fit in there. Sorry but what is a hotel or an ocean?

  2. sry but this looks somehow like a first attempt of a building of an 8-year-old. If you still build a little differently, always find newer styles, then you get more and more experience in terms of creative building. For example, I used to build skyscrapers out of diablocks, demolish them 2 months later and build wooden skyscrapers. Then I tore them down at some point (little by little) and built either society buildings for my city in classicism or a prefabricated building. SHORT: Build more, but don't post until you really like something.

  3. Well the hotel does not knock me off my chair but I find the idea good only it is just not well implemented but try to improve in any case in building but still there is from me nen like because I find the idea cool