Lunar rover

Complexity: simple
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Lunar rover

A decoration that fits well on a lunar or Martian landscape.

I got the idea from a movie I watched and was totally motivated.
It has a "head", a solar cell (for charging) and six wheels.


6* Black wool
12* Iron blocks
3* Black oak step
3* birch wood step
7* Frame
1* Oak fence
1* Quartz stairs
1* Ender pearl (you can also use something else if you don't want to sacrifice an Ender pearl)


  1. I used to have a advanced version made. It looks like an ugly box now, but you can attach "cannons" in the form of launchers to the outer sides. These are then filled with firecrackers (I had to remove this again, because of the redstone under the machinery [In the Sphax the whole thing looks like an ugly box because of OptiFine and the Connected Textures better off :D]):
    - - - - - - - - -


    Sorry about all the pictures, but I just wanted to make this vivid 😉
    The Redstone amplifier is there because of the iron pressure plate, so that the signal on strong enough to activate the piston and thus open the input in electronic/modern way 😀.