Complexity: simple
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A Pokecenter from Pokémon.

Unfortunately it has no interior but looks good only from the outside =) unfortunately I could not imagine anything Bildlich how it would look good and like in a Pokemon Center =D




  1. This thing is homemade. Picasso

    I have taken wool because I have a private texture pack and since wool ausscaut best =) and yes it is possible with lEHM ^^

    there was also a pixelart pikachu but it was rejected ^^

  2. if it's for kiddies why are you looking at it? and who's to say there aren't adults playing it? or kids active on this site? or or or?

    and the definition FOR kiddies does not exist! there is a desired age group that you target with it but it is for all you if someone has as a hobby Pokemon or so then it is so. then it can be anyone no matter. I know enough adults who still play games from their own childhood and those were then only "children's games" I myself still play Pokemon yellow blue and gold on my Gameboy. sone statements like "it's only for kiddies " "something like that is for kiddies" can only come from people who themselves have kp or had a really shitty childhood or are extremely crappy as an adult.

  3. @Reaper I'm sorry *.* OHA I did not want to bring across so I meant it ironically ... I'm sorry if I had expressed myself wrong now I have a really guilty conscience o.o