shopping mall

Complexity: simple
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shopping mall

A large shopping mall with skyscraper and gallery.
An interior view is in the description.

This building can be used well as a shopping mall due to its many small to large rooms, e.g. on servers with trade function, or just to look at in the Creative.


First of all, set a large base structure (square lower house) to add the skyscraper and the gallery there.


  1. Looks extremely good! As of 1.8, as far as I know, you can also build a kind of shop system in SP with command blocks. I have already planned to use this possibility. Thanks to you, I now also know how I should implement this visually.

  2. Not too bad of a design, very bare though.
    The one with the shop system also works with XP points, and to my knowledge has already been submitted here on

  3. see above:
    04/27/2014 15:48 Snuffer
    49×31 but you can of course;ich change at will ...
    should only give ne idea and inspire to build 🙂

  4. I had thought in the beginning ... but then it looks again so usual ... all big houses are white or gray ... wanted to have a little frabe ^^