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Wargears are large fighting machines, loaded with lots of redstone technology, TNT guns, and other features.

There's already a Wargear here, but he's not looking for a Rulebook was built.
This one is a team wargear I built on a server.
I'll show you more of the fighting machine now.
The Wargear in combat readiness with hull and artillery shields extended:
A Wargear after being fired upon by 4 machine guns and 6 manual guns, each of which fired 1 time:

Note: xxluke has pointed out to me that in my first attempt of this building idea too much was to be seen, which did not belong at all to the building idea. That's why I took the screenshots again using the green box method, and replaced the green box at the end with a simple white background. Unfortunately the pictures are a bit dark, because the greenbox had drawn too much light despite the light shader. I apologize for that!


Best you check it out for yourselves, but here are a few basic things ;D :

1. paste guns: paste armored, custom-built, or downloaded TNT guns with worldedit.
2. add necessary and optional redstone stuff (machine gun ignitions, alarm, sensor, headlights)
3. armor with endstone (best armored block destructible by TNT in Minecraft).
4. design - the wargear needs an appealing design of a fighting machine, e.g. chains, lookouts, bulkheads, detailed pattern
5. upload to a wargear server, and have fun fighting (the wargears are always retrievable after one upload, that is, if you lose a fight, and the fighting machine was destroyed, you can always retrieve it via WorldEdit as a schematic.

Final word: No matter how difficult it sounds at the beginning: You can do it! Don't give up! If you're not a big cannon builder, you can download free TNT cannons from various YT channels and use them on your Wargear! No matter how much effort it takes: When it's done, you can have a lot of fun fighting together with your self-made Wargears! By the way: If you don't feel like building your own wargear, you can fight on various wargear servers with public wargears (public=free for everyone, no copyright).
So, that's it with my first building idea!
Greetings, JeeBee. :-)


  1. Hi 
    Nice build idea and nice that you have drawn attention to the Wg rulebook.

    But you could have (sorry if I missed something) at least MENTIONED Mr.CreativeIV, who as far as I know invented and pushed the wargears.

  2. @Gloedas
    Hello! For now, thank you for the praise!
    The Youtuber MCIV invented and developed the Wargears, but stopped with Wargears.
    He wasn't the only one, however; shortly after his first video on the battle machines, dozens of users were building Wargears like crazy.
    In principle, I should mention them all.
    Still, I can say that I think the idea of MCIV alone is awesome and that's why I'm still active in the wargear scene.
    LG, JeeBee