I belong to the young generation that succumbed to the appeal of the computer game Minecraft. Building new worlds and the corresponding equipment has attracted me from the beginning, even if I have often enough to hear, especially from my parents, that this would be a waste of time. I never understood this view and as life goes, I was able to prove to my parents that Minecraft is not a waste of time. The story behind it is basically quick to tell, but all the more interesting for it. Recently, my father confessed to me that he never thought a simple computer game with retro pixel graphics could have such a meaningful impact on an entire life. I've furnished an entire house inexpensively thanks to Minecraft and eBay, proving that a person can indeed develop creativity through a computer game like Minecraft.

A changed life situation

Already for some time I have a very great girlfriend, who does not share my hobby Minecraft, but at least accepts it. We love each other and even though we are still relatively young, we already know that we belong together. We both live with our parents at the moment, but we would like to move into an apartment together when the opportunity arises. The main problem is that we are both not very rich. I have a full-time job, but she is still in training. If we were to take an apartment we would definitely need a new set of furniture, which by its very nature can get quite expensive very quickly. However, since we live in the internet age, my father made the suggestion to look for appropriate furniture on eBay. In this area, my Minecraft experience came in handy, because I simply built the planned equipment in my virtual world before ordering and thus got a good impression of how everything should look.

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Bedroom sets on ebay
Source: eBay.com

For the Bedroom we were also quite quickly found. A complete equipment, still new and at this price, I call a successful bargain so that we had one worry less.

The Kitchen

Modern kitchenAlthough it is always said so beautifully that man in young years does not need much except love, so the equipment of a bedroom for the new apartment is too little. My girlfriend is training to be a cook and accordingly also has ideas about how her own modern kitchen These ideas are a bit beyond our financial capacity, but both her parents and my parents agreed to a financial contribution, so that we have with eBay both a beautiful Cabinet as well as a practical Built-in oven could find.
. I also "worked" playfully with Minecraft when planning the kitchen and my father was amazed at what was possible with this game. The Granite sink can also be ordered via eBay.
For the cozy dining area we have Table and chair sets looked around.

KitchenetteIf someone tells me today that a computer game like Minecraft is merely for children or teenagers as a pure pastime, then I can only laugh heartily about it. The game is much more than a mere hobby - with Minecraft you can even plan and artistically implement a whole life in terms of the common living space. Although we really didn't have much money, I still have creativity and especially in times of eBay, many a bargain can be made without ultimately having to accept losses in terms of quality. The times when eBay was just a sales platform for used items from private individuals are long gone. Instead, the platform has developed into a market for dealers in particular, where both sides benefit from an uncomplicated sales process. Whether or not our suppliers were aware that I used the computer game Minecraft to plan my home before purchasing the items is completely irrelevant at this point. The fact is that everything worked out perfectly and we saved a massive amount of money using eBay. Our apartment is furnished and we are both very happy. Of course we don't know if it will always be like this and I also know that I can invest less time in Minecraft in the future, but I definitely won't stop playing the computer game completely. I don't give up hope that my princess will also be able to get enthusiastic about the computer game at some point, especially since she has also seen what can ultimately be realized with it.