Ideas with Redstone

Ideas with Redstone

Minecraft Grim Reaper?

Hey, guys, this is my Grim Reaper build :D hope you like it :) All in survival mode.

Fantasy tree

Tree for e.g. a village center (not suitable for building forests)

Modern summit property

Two-storey modern villa, small, no interior decoration

Industry standard lantern

A universal lantern system for industry

Tree, Custom, Fantasy

Tree, custom Here is one of my tree creations. The trunk is made of spruce, the leaves are oak leaves and birch leaves mixed In some places I have added fences to represent branches.[gallery ids="47414,47415,47416"]

Helicopter modern

A helicopter in modern construction style, mainly made of quartz blocks /-steps/-slaps. The rotors are made of stone steps and lowered a bit towards the end, so that the impression of standstill is created, since the rotor blades hang down a bit at the end. Well usable for modern cities, heliports, airports. If you change the white blocks to red blocks, it could also pass as a rescue helicopter.[gallery ids="47409,47410,47411"]

Luxury helicopter

Is suitable for empty seats

Decorative information board

A small but nice information board.

Public bus

Today I have built a line bus😊

Build secret door without mod

With this secret door, you can easily secure your house even if you have few resources and no mod. All you need is: 2 adhesive pistons A few times redstone 1 lever or switch