Large, funkitonal bed V2

A chic bed that fits wonderfully in large bedrooms. You can also easily and quickly change the size and color.

Bright decorative candle

Bright decorative candle

A forest.

It is a forest with some modifcated trees. Everything created without modification.(from the Minecraft Project City)

Football field with stands (mini stadium)

For a small town it is recommended not to build a huge football stadium. But for the district league there has to be a field to beat the neighbouring towns! For this you need a football field and a grandstand; both can be built relatively close to other buildings to save space. Only the noise pollution of the fans could cause problems with the residents...

Medieval ship with cabins

Ship for overseas travel with room for a total of 108 people. The ship contains a total of six decks and four masts.

Wooden bridge

A wooden bridge that can be built over any wide river.

Water vaporizers (Star Wars)

Water vaporizers are (in the film) devices that collect water from the air.

Modern exceptional villa with pool (furnishings included)

Here I show you my new luxury villa with pool and inclusive furnishings.

Glass heart with ramen

You can use such a glass heart as a wall replacement or as decoration.In survival mode, the glass heart is difficult to build because you must first make the glass and then color.