Dear Minecraft'ers, is the largest Community about building ideas for Minecraft. You post comments every day, share your building ideas and keep the site alive. Therefore Minecraft building ideas would like to give you something back! We start today with a great contest and this month should also come the new design 🙂 Directly 2 great updates in one month, good or?

What you can win:
1 * 60€ voucher for Kinguin
1 * Lioncast LM20 Gamer Mouse (Value: 59,95€)
1 * Lioncast LK 15 Gaming Keyboard (Value: 59,95€)
3 * Minecraft (4 slots á 30 days, at gportal)
3 * 30 days Premium on RewisServer

At this point a big THANKS to our sponsors Kinguin, Lioncast, gportal and RewisServer!

Here's how you can enter the sweepstakes:
1. comment here what and why you want to win.
2. like our Facebook Page OR follow us on Twitter.
The closing date for entries is Saturday, 13.02.2016. There is no right of appeal.

Good luck to you all,


  1. Hey,
    I would like to win Lioncast LM20 gamer mouse, because my mouse that I own now has a cable crack. This means that my mouse cable is certain at one point, so you can see the inside of a mouse cable.

  2. I would like to Lioncast LK 15 keyboard ,
    because my old keyboard whenever I want to play minecraft :
    d=g etc.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer win anything