Farm building idea

Farm building idea

Fully automatic farm

One to 100% automatic farm for grain, potatoes or carrots, based on a villager farmer.

Fully automatic warehouse

Fully automated warehouse (for community servers)

Horse stable

This is an idea how to build a stable for 2 horses.


A windmill with many details in the interior.

Semi-automatic grain farm

If you pull the lever, the grain is automatically harvested and flushed to a collection point, where you only have to collect it. After that you have to replant the grain.

Barn for livestock with storage space

A large beautiful barn with outdoor and indoor space for livestock and hay.


A rural looking house which could be used as a dwelling house and also as a stable.

Medieval bakery

A medieval style bakery, which is why it looks better with an RPG texture pack. YouTube video in the description.

Big barn

A large barn that is not just for decoration.


A mill with several floors.