Old farmhouse

A little old farmhouse.

Pumpkin / melon harvester with lorry

The lorry releases pistons as it passes the pumpkins and collects them on the return journey.

Simple sugar cane farm

A simple sugar cane farm that can be expanded at will. It works with the observer blocks.


Clearly more beautiful than monotonous fields are mixed gardens. However, these have the disadvantage that they yield less and are harder to harvest. Therefore, they are more suitable if you already have enough food through another source.

Farm Automat

A semi-automatic farm for carrots, potatoes or cereals that automatically grows the plant with bone meal and then harvests it.

Hunting Lodge

A hunting lodge / mansion / cabin on a mountain with dead epic trees. Furnishings are present and very detailed & structured design.

Semi-automatic wool farm

The wool is sheared manually while driving past the sheep in a trolley. The wool is then automatically fed through channels into a chest.

Medieval plough

This is my design for a medieval plow :) There is also a small tutorial for this.

Horse stable

A small stable for two horses.