Farm building idea

Farm building idea

Pumpkin / melon harvester with lorry

The lorry releases pistons as it passes the pumpkins and collects them on the return journey.

Rainbow Sheep Farm

Tired of constantly looking for dyes to get colored wool for carpets? The trick with the colored sheep should already be known, but it makes in large plants also still purely visually a good impression.

Small barn with outdoor enclosure

A small barn which can be easily built in survival mode and offers enough space for animals.

Farmhouse with courtyard

A ring-shaped farmhouse (or something :) ) with a courtyard and interior lighting over the attic. The two gables on the front side as well as the interior lighting over the attic are optional.

Medieval butchery Butcher

Redstone house with drop elevator,.automatic oven and animal trap for sheep and cows,
Butcher Lets show in Tudor style with shop, oven, kitchen and dining area, store, dormitory, and redstoning circuits.

Stable with dwelling house

Downstairs is the stable and upstairs is the large living area.

Practical cocoa bean farm for de overkebens modus

A beautiful little cocoa bean farm

Horse stable

This is an idea how to build a stable for 2 horses.

Silo with level indicator

A stack of boxes connected by funnels. To do this, a row of redstone lamps shows how many boxes are filled. Due to the large crate space, this is mainly suitable for paving stone or soil.