Farm building idea

Farm building idea

Overworld Goldfarm Fully/Semi-automatic (AfK-/XP-Mode) | On/Off switchable

This gold farm allows you to fully automate gold production or semi-automatic XP and gold collection in your Minecraft overworld, and can also be fully activated and deactivated!

Simple & Fast Oven

There are already many designs of this kind, but I have found either very simple or very complicated. Here is now a mix.

Winter road

Part of a winter road for a city

Modern village with wall

Simply surround an existing village with a wall and you are perfectly protected against zombies and other enemies.2016-11-21_17-38-57

Scarecrow with a small field

As you can see from the picture, this is a small field and a scarecrow. Have fun watching! :)

Grand Granary

The first part of a large granary in a city.


A small scarecrow for fields etc .

Medieval plough

This is my design for a medieval plow :) There is also a small tutorial for this.

Pumpkin / melon farm endlessly expandable

Fully automatic pumpkin and/or melon farm.


Since there are the armor stands, you can make a scarecrow also good with pumpkin and leather clothing. Dyeing in the zombie look also goes well with blue pants and turquoise shirt.